Town Hall Front

The Guffey Town Hall was built in 1896 and rebuilt in 1974. It functions as the town museum and is full of historic antiques, curios, and collectables. The Museum is for all to use, stop by the Guffey Garage and ask for the key.

Inside the Guffey Town Hall

The Guffey Town Hall has a large stage and dance floor and is available for private parties and events. The adjoining cook-shack has stovetops, ovens, fryers, and a flat top grill. There is enough gear to cook for large groups of people. Call Bill at 719-689-3291 to reserve the Guffey Town Hall for your event or family reunion.

Chickens love to fly!

Come join us for the Guffey Chicken Fly this Fourth of July! Food, entertainment, and good people - fun for the whole family.... and the chickens too!

Local musicians on the Town Hall stage.
Bikecentennial certificate

Guffey lies on the 1976 Bikecentenial route and is still a favorite stop of many bike riders and travelers on the Trans America Bicycle Trail. This original certificate was presented to Bill Soux during the centennial and is displayed in the Town Hall building for all to see.

Farm tools and Jail
Guffey Jail The Haunted Paddy Wagon

The old Guffey Jail and paddy-wagon.... some of the many sights of historic Guffey!

View of Guffey Colorado around 1900.

This old photo of Guffey Colorado was taken around 1900. Many of the buildings in this photo have since been torn down and salvaged for their wood. We want to preserve Guffey’s unique character and history for the future, REMEMBER - PLEASE DON’T TEAR THEM DOWN!

Bill and Colleen's House

Lots of structures from the 1800’s are scattered throughout the town of Guffey, we’re trying to preserve as many as we can.

Interested in staying in Guffey? Want to help us preserve our heritage? Give us a call at (719) 689-3291 to make a reservation to stay in one of our unique historic cabins.

Or Write to:  Bill Soux,  P.O. Box 1 ,  Guffey, CO 80820

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